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Please get in touch on 0131 281 9040. Ecopodz Limited is an architectural design service focused on:-

Off-grid Buildings

Renewable Energy Installations

Ecological renovations to existing properties

Both domestic and commercial projects are welcomed. All stages of the design process are covered, from measured survey through to detailed design and obtaining Planning Consent and Building Warrant for your project. The business can also help to find contractors for the project and supervise works on site through to completion.

What is Off-grid?

The term 'off-grid' refers to buildings that generate their own power, collect their own water and recycle their own waste. A fully off-grid building is not always possible, especially in more urban contexts. It depends very much on the site conditions. Each project is taken on its own merits, with the aim of achieving the greatest level of self-sufficiency and sustainability compatible with the needs of the client. For more detail and background, see essay on off-grid design here. Off-grid

Other Energy Options

Stand alone off-grid buildings are only ever likely to make up a small proportion of the total buildign stock in the UK. As renewable energy becomes more widespread there will be a need for greater diversity in energy sources as well as changes to the National Grid to accommodate these sources. As electric vehicles become more prevalent, we may also see car batteries being part of the storage capacity of dwellings and other buildings. Perhaps the future will see the majority of househlds with some power storage capacity, associated with the household's vehicles and sometimes linked to the grid, sometimes not. So, as well as looking at fully autonous solutions, Ecopodz is also happy to consider on-grid options. Combinations of renewable energy solutions linked back to the grid - and buying and selling power, depending on what the demand load is at any given time. Some options lend themselves in particular to small groups of houses or commercial premises that might struggle with cost and infrastructure to do much individually, but could in combination achieve a great benefit to the households or businesses concerned.

Ecological Renovations

There is a great opportunity for an ecological building solution when an abandoned or derelict building is to be brought back into use. New properties, no matter how good their performance, necessarily have a cost to the enviroment in terms of the embedded energy used during the construction process, which in turn will take several years to 'pay back'. By contrast, an existing property will have less impact, even if it's not quite as efficient over all. The majority of the building stock is always going to be older properties in any case, so good renovation and restoration are critical. So this is another area where Ecopodz is happy to get involved - bringing older properties back into use and upgrading them to meet the latest standards for thermal insulation. Again it is an opportunity for renewable energy installations as well, perhaps in combination with adjoining buildings. (Extensions to the property can be included, provided that the total heat loss from the building is substantially reduced from its initial value.) Ecopodz can carry out calculations to advise on building performance and the potential benefits, in energy savings terms, that could be derived from specific proposals. The business can also advise on grants and loans available via the Energy Savings Trust and other bodies.

The Future

Whilst the design options offered by Ecopodz will save you money, especially in the longer term, that is not the motivation behind the business. Care for the environment and ecological sustainability are the real driving force. If you share these concerns and want to make a difference, then hopefully you will want to work with Ecopodz to see your project through to a satisfactory conclusion. The tide is turning and over the coming decades, buildings, energy supply and transport will all change radically. What seems marginal now will have become the mainstream. So you are invited to be part of the future and to make choices for a better world.

Enquiries are welcome on 0131 281 9040. Please see Contact page for further contact information.

Ecopodz is registered in Scotland company no. SC484393. Director Tom Wallace.